How to Consume Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana patients now have a variety of options for consumption. If you’ve come looking to find out which of those options is the best way to consume, you’re in for a big surprise. The best method of marijuana consumption is the method you find most comfortable and enjoyable. Each person is unique and will have different preferences. Your preference doesn’t matter, although you’ll likely use them all at least once at some point and time. Below, find a list of the most common marijuana consumption methods available today.


Medical marijuana patients usually smoke their aches, pains, and ailments away with bud. Joints and blunts are the most common methods of smoking, although pipes and bongs are available and preferred by many people. Using a smoking tool reduces the amount of weed you’ll use and provides nice pain relief and additional benefits.

Bubblers are cute mini-bongs that will fit inside your pocket for easy transportation. The bubbler gives the smoke cool down time before it hits your lungs so you can take bigger hits and get intense effects.


If you don’t like smoking or simply want to try something different to learn how it can benefit your health condition, edibles are a delicious way to get the relief that you need. Cupcakes, brownies, cookies and suckers are among the THC/CBD infused edibles you can enjoy.


A dab is a potent extract known as solidified hash oil. It is smoked using a rig, such as a bong bowl, and lit with a small blowtorch. The flash vaporization method of consumption provides an extremely potent high that occurs with little marijuana or time needed. As for pain, you won’t have any worries when you’ve dabbed.


E-cigs came out several years ago, providing a smoking alternative. It quickly became a sensation and vape bars sprung up around the country. Now, vaping has a new technique and it is via marijuana. It is healthier than smoking cannabis since there’s none of the toxic chemicals associated with smoking such as ammonia and tar. And, the effects of the cannabis plants are felt quickly and precisely.


Marijuana pills for oral consumption make it easy to receive the benefits of marijuana without smoking it. The pills are available with both CBD and THC ingredients, and of course those with both mixed together. Be careful when using the pills as it is easy to get too much since there’s little control over the effects after consumption.


From coffees and colas to juices, smoothies and even tea and beer, drinks infused with cannabis provide yet another way for patients to get the relief they need, no matter the condition that is bothering them. Many people like the drinks and the effects that it brings. They’re great for patients who need to treat many different conditions.

Sprays & Creams

Sprays & creams offer fast relief of arthritic pain, joint inflammation, and other conditions that may negatively impact an individual’s life. Creams and sprays contain cannabinoids that provide the same or better relief as other forms of marijuana consumption and are all safe to use. They’re easy to use and provide relief within a few minutes of applying to the skin.  Many people use them for on-the-go pain relief.

There are many ways in which a patient using marijuana to treat their condition can get the relief they need, whether smoking, vaping, eating, or drinking their way to improved health conditions. The methods that we’ve listed above are among them. If you want to get the best treatment using medical marijuana, perhaps a combination of these consumption techniques will benefit you.

Medical Marijuana Saves Lives

There is very good news for readers here who may be quite distressed at this point in time. These are the readers who may have exhausted every page in the medical journal. Still no cure or effective treatment for their disease or illness. But after that first mail order marijuana is made tonight, somewhere out there, someone’s life may be saved. It has been proved by a number of authoritative bodies across Canada and the United States that the careful and responsible use of marijuana is helping to cure distressed adult men and women from any number of diseases or illnesses, some of them even life-threatening.

It is all quite exciting if you are only discovering this today. This account may only be a brief announcement but there are many online journals for you to look at to substantiate the effective and responsible use of medical marijuana. Quite correctly, marijuana has been refined to medical marijuana by expert pharmacologists who have a holistic affinity towards all things natural. The use of medical marijuana is legal in some US states and across Canada. But recreational users of the drug still need to exercise caution when making their regular mail order marijuana purchase online.

No, it is next to impossible that any prying eyes are scouring the net to see if you are purchasing illicit or downright illegal products. This is unlike at least one prominent country in the global village. Names will not be mentioned. There will be no naming and shaming in this note. But if only they knew? Medical marijuana is undoubtedly saving lives. More than likely they already do. They have among the world’s finest scientists and they themselves are still readily embracing ancient medical practices of which most of the ingredients are all natural.

Whether medical marijuana use is legal or not in your province or state does not matter, you still need to be extra-vigilant in the exercising of responsibility. Too easy is it to use your recreational marijuana products online these days that some unstable folks could still overindulge to the point that it will impact them negatively. Apart from the social stigmas attached, even among some of the most progressive societies in the world today, social instability does set in when your judgment and ability to do things rationally is impaired.

There is no danger that you will be caught online. Nor is there any danger to you during the delivery process of your mail ordered goods. The danger only arrives once you have pried open that well sealed parcel of yours. Do not be carried away and do be responsible when you are using marijuana for recreational purposes. Nevertheless, you are using it indirectly for medical reasons too. Because if you are using the natural drug moderately, your mental wellbeing and physical health will benefit immeasurably.

To remain so, you still need to take care of other material and emotional areas of your life.